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Callaghan, Playle & Cooper: Mental Health Nursing Skills

Interactive scenarios

The following scenarios help you to put into practice what you have learnt from the book. A short description of a service user or a challenge in practice is outlined followed by a number of questions to prompt you to think about how you would employ your mental health nursing skills. After you have typed your response you can see a suggested author answer.

Choose the chapter you would like to practice from the list below. Please note: there are no scenarios for chapters 1, 2, 10 and 16. The scenarios will open in a new window.

Chapter 03
Values-based mental health nursing practice
Chapter 04
Evidence-based mental health nursing practice
Chapter 05
Caring: the essence of mental health nursing
Chapter 06
Interpersonal communication – Heron’s Six Category Intervention Analysis
Chapter 07
Forming, sustaining, and ending therapeutic interactions
Chapter 08
Working in partnership
Chapter 09
Recovery and social inclusion
Chapter 11
Fostering guided self-help
Chapter 12
Behavioural activation
Chapter 13
Medication management
Chapter 14
Legal, professional, and ethical issues
Chapter 15
Risk assessment and management
Chapter 17
Recognition and therapeutic management of self-harm and suicidal behaviour
Chapter 18
Prevention, recognition, and therapeutic management of violence
Chapter 19
Working with people with substance misuse problems
Chapter 20
Interagency and interprofessional working
Chapter 21
Personal and professional development
Chapter 22
Leadership and management