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Callaghan, Playle & Cooper: Mental Health Nursing Skills

Interactive quizzes

The following short online quizzes for each chapter of the book will help you to reinforce your knowledge and understanding of nursing practice. Feedback is provided for each question and page references signpost where to find the topic in the book for further investigation.

Click on the chapter links below to try out the quiz questions for each chapter. Please note that there are no questions for Chapters 1, 2, 5 and 21.

  • Chapter 03

    Values-based mental health nursing practice

  • Chapter 04

    Evidence-based mental health nursing practice

  • Chapter 06

    Interpersonal communication - Heron's Six Category Intervention Analysis

  • Chapter 07

    Forming, sustaining, and ending therapeutic interactions

  • Chapter 08

    Working in Partnership

  • Chapter 09

    Recovery and social inclusion

  • Chapter 10

    The essence of Physical Health Care

  • Chapter 11

    Fostering guided self-help

  • Chapter 12

    Behavioural activation

  • Chapter 13

    Medication management

  • Chapter 14

    Legal, professional, and ethical issues

  • Chapter 15

    Risk assessment and management

  • Chapter 16

    Practising safe and effective observation

  • Chapter 17

    Recognition and therapeutic management of self-harm and suicidal behaviour

  • Chapter 18

    Prevention, recognition, and therapeutic management of violence

  • Chapter 19

    Working with people with substance misuse problems

  • Chapter 20

    Interagency and interprofessional working

  • Chapter 22

    Leadership and management