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Callaghan, Playle & Cooper: Mental Health Nursing Skills

Forms, worksheets and tables

A number of forms, tables and boxes from the book are available here for you to complete and save or print off to go in your portfolio.

Box 3.1: Personal understanding of the term 'values'
Take five minutes to think about all the words and phrases that you associate with values. Use the word document to list your words and phrases, then compare your list with those in Table 3.2, p.23 in the book.

Transferring skills into your practice - self-assessment form (see Chapter 5, p.51)
Use the self-assessment form available below to help prepare, plan, implement, and evaluate the use of interpersonal skills in your placement. The PDF can be printed out and completed offline - e.g. by hand on the way home from a placement and then included in a hard copy portfolio. The Word document can be completed electronically and saved in your e-portfolio.
PDF | Word doc

Box 12.1 and 12.2 - Behavioural activation worksheets
The behavioural activation worksheets from p.124 of the book are available below for you to print.
Box 12.1: Behavioural Activation Worksheet I
Box 12.2: Behavioural Activation Worksheet II

Table 13.1: General guide to structuring collaborative medication management sessions
Print this guide off as a PDF to take along to placement or insert in your portfolio.

Chapter 13 - Box 13.2: A suggested problem solving structure
Print off the suggested problem solving structure to take along to placement or insert in your portfolio.