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Stringer et al: Psychiatry PRN: Principles, Reality, Next Steps


Four scenarios have been filmed to demonstrate a range of OSCE role-plays and challenging clinical situations. Feedback is available for each role-play with the aim of highlighting both excellent and poor communication skills and de-mystifying psychiatric interviews. Indicative mark sheets are also available for each role-play.

The video clips are formatted for download via a broadband connection and are suitable for viewing on a computer or intranet. If you are an adopting lecturer and you intend to project the clips onto a large screen in a lecture please email us to request higher resolution files on disk.


Production team
Laurence Church - Executive Producer
Jessica Hart, Shanika Nayagam & Sam Saidi - Assistant Producers
Sam Saidi & Sarah Stringer – screenwriters

PTSD:  Richard Tate (Alfred Keane) & Daniel Furmedge (self)
Depression: Jenny Howe (Mary Knight) & Gemma McCulloch (self)
MMSE: Margaret Towner (Daphne Giles) and Elizabeth Rochester (self)
Suicide: Vishal Bhavsar (Amit Patel) & Anneke Van Mol (self)