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Holmes, Parker & Hunt: Score Higher on the UKCAT - the expert guide from Kaplan, with over 800 questions and a mock online test

  • Kaplan UKCAT online practice questions

  • Try out Kaplan's top tips and timing recommendations with these practice questions designed to help you prepare for the UKCAT exam by providing immediate feedback. Practice includes several sets of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis questions.

    Click the links below to view the sets of practice questions for each section of the UKCAT. You should time yourself using a watch or timer, and complete each set according to the timing recommendations.

    Please note that access to the practice questions is password-protected. Please refer to the preface of your textbook for the login details.

    • Section 1 - Verbal Reasoning

      This section contains 11 sets, each consisting of a passage followed by four statements. Your task is to decide whether each statement logically flows from the information presented in the passage.
      Timing recommendation: 2 minutes per set.
    • Section 2 - Quantitative Reasoning

      This section contains 9 sets of data, each of which is followed by four questions. Each question will have five answer choices. Your task is to select the best option based on the data provided.
      Timing recommendation: 2 minutes per set.
    • Section 3 - Abstract Reasoning

      This section contains 13 sets of shapes, each of which is followed by five test shapes. Your task is determine in what way the shapes in each set are similar and to decide whether each test shape fits into Set A, Set B or neither set.
      Timing recommendation: 60 seconds per set.
    • Section 4 - Decision Analysis

      This section contains information relating to a scenario. Your task is to answer a number of questions based on your interpretation of the information provided. Additional information will be presented after you have completed some of the questions. This new information will apply to subsequent questions. These practice questions are presented in sets of 4 or 5 questions each; NB that the questions in this section of the actual UKCAT will not be divided into sets.
      Timing recommendation: 5 minutes per set.