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Watt: Equity and Trusts Law Directions 3e

Equity and Trusts law is part of the Directions series.

  • Student resources

    • Pointers to answering self-assessment questions and exercises

      All the questions and exercises that appear at the end of each chapter in the book have some suggestions on how you might answer them
    • Flashcard glossary

      Designed to help you memorize the key terms used in the book; the flashcard glossary can be downloaded on to iPods and other portable devices
    • Updates

      Developments in the law since book publication
    • Video clips

      An introduction to equity and trusts and three mini-lectures on key topics from the book - all presented by Gary Watt
    • Web links

      Selected links to useful websites so you can go directly to reliable sources of online information
  • Lecturer resources

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    • Test bank

      Comprising 200 multiple choice questions with answers and feedback, this is a fully customizable resource to meet your teaching needs
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