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Finch & Fafinski: Legal Skills 4e

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  • Student resources

    • Glossary

      A useful one-stop reference point for all the keywords and terms used within the text.

    • Answers to self-test questions

      The answers are provided along with a commentary to help understand how and why the correct answer was reached.

    • Video clips

      Video clips of students participating in mooting, negotiations and presentations will bring these skills to life and will provide examples of good practice to emulate and bad practice to avoid.

    • Practical exercises

      Download the documents with guidance for the activities referenced throughout the text

    • Table of equivalences

      A guide to Treaty article re-numbering post-Lisbon

  • Lecturer resources

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    • Test bank

      A ready-made electronic testing resource which can be customized to meet your teaching needs

    • Diagrams

      Download electronic versions of the diagrams in the book