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Oxford Public Law Resource Centre

Welcome to the Oxford Public Law Resource Centre. Here we have brought together a selection of online resources to help support your study of Public Law. These resources will help you to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the law and politics, as well as introducing you to key debates, and providing a host of links to further material to help you direct your online study.

Celebrating 800 years of the Magna Carta with free resources from around OUP

  • Resources

    • Conference on the Teaching of Public Law

      Watch discussions from the conference on the teaching of public law held at the University of Manchester in June 2013

    • Web links

      Further sources of information on each of the core topics usually taught as part of a public law course, including websites, audio and video clips, blogs, and journal articles.

    • Interactive timeline

      A timeline of key dates in British political history providing a fascinating insight into the events that have influenced the development of constitutional and administrative law in the UK.

    • Oxford NewsNow

      News feeds provide constantly refreshed links to the latest relevant news stories.

    • Audio podcasts

      Expert Oxford authors discuss some key issues in public law and introduce you to their textbooks.