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Endicott: Administrative Law 2e

Online Resource Centre materials written by Timothy Endicott and Emer Murphy.
Updated July 2011.

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  • Student resources

  • The following resources are available to accompany each chapter: guidance on answering the pop quizzes and critical questions, notes on key cases and legislation with links to the full judgements and legislation online, and links to other useful resources.

    Each chapter will also be accompanied by updates reflecting changes in the law since the book was published.

    These resources are arranged by chapter. To access the resources, click on the link to the relevant chapter, and then on the link to the resource. An alphabetical case index is also available, allowing you to click straight through to the case notes.

    • Chapter 1

      Administration and the principles of the constitution
    • Chapter 2

      The rule of law and the rule of judges
    • Chapter 3

      Convention rights and administrative law
    • Chapter 4

      Due process
    • Chapter 5

      Impartiality and independence
    • Chapter 6

      Reasons: process and substance
    • Chapter 7

      Discretion and deference
    • Chapter 8

      Substantive fairness
    • Chapter 9

      Errors of law and control of fact finding
    • Chapter 10

      How to sue the government: judicial processes and judicial remedies
    • Chapter 11

      Standing: litigation and the public interest
    • Chapter 12

      The reconstruction of tribunals
    • Chapter 13

      Ombudsmen and other investigators
    • Chapter 14

    • Chapter 15

    • Online glossary

      A useful one-stop reference point for key terms used within the text
    • Case index

      A hyperlinked index taking you through to all the case summaries listed in the case notes section of the site