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Sexton & Bogusz: Complete Land Law Text, Cases and Materials 3e

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  • Student resources

    • Guidelines to answering the end of chapter assessment questions

      Guidance on how to answer the exam-style questions at the end of each chapter in the book

    • Flashcard glossary

      Helps you to memorize the key terms used in the book; the flashcards can be downloaded on to iPods and other portable devices

    • Updates

      Recent cases and developments in land law that have occurred since publication of the book. Last updated May 2014.

    • Web links

      Links to sites containing useful information related to land law

  • Lecturer resources

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    • PowerPoint slides

      A set of customizable PowerPoint slides containing all the figures from the book

    • Test bank

      A ready-made electronic testing resource which can be customized to meet your teaching needs