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Clarke & Greer: Land Law Directions 3e

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    • Advanced topics

      Selected topics for further study: 'Law of Property Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1989 s. 2', 'Implied licences and human rights' and 'Answering a question on implied and prescriptive easements'
    • Audio podcasts

      Short audio files useful as an introduction to the subject and for revision
    • Suggested approaches to end of chapter questions

      Guidance on answering the end of chapter questions
    • Flashcard glossary

      Key terms in land law for easy reference; these flashcards can be downloaded on to iPods and other portable devices
    • Photographs from the book

      All the photographs from the book available to download
    • Self-test questions

      Test your knowledge with these interactive self-marking questions and receive instant feedback
    • Updates

      Developments in the law since book publication
    • Web links

      Links to sites containing useful information related to land law
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