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Norman: Intellectual Property Law Directions

Answer guidance for reflective questions

Access the chapter links below to view suggested answers for the reflective questions in the book (provided in PDF format).

Chapter 01
General introduction
Chapter 02
Enforcement of intellectual property rights
Chapter 03
Breach of confidence
Chapter 04
Introduction to patents
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Infringement of patents
Chapter 07
An introduction to copyright
Chapter 08
Subsistence of copyright
Chapter 09
Infringement of copyright
Chapter 10
Moral rights and performers' rights
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Introduction to trade marks
Chapter 13
Passing off
Chapter 14
Registration of trade marks
Chapter 15
Infringement of trade marks
Chapter 16
Exhaustion of rights
Chapter 17
Dealings in intellectual property rights
Chapter 18
Protection for image, character, and personality merchandising