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Brayne & Carr: Law for Social Workers 12e

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    • Interactive guide to the textbook

      Law for Social Workers is full of features designed to help you develop and improve your legal skills, from the first stages of your degree through to placements, your first job, and beyond. Watch this interactive guide to find out more.
  • Student resources

    • Further reading

      Suggested sources for more information on the topics covered in each chapter are provided, to help you in your studies
    • Glossary

      The law contains a lot of jargon. Check your knowledge with an alphabetical list of glossary terms and a series of interactive flashcards
    • Guidance on answering exercises in the book

      Once you have received the classes on a particular topic, looked up any additional materials, and had a go at tackling the problem yourself have a look at the solutions provided
    • Updates

      Covering developments on recent cases and legislation
    • Court skills and advice

      Video footage and checklists from Michael Griffith-Jones, a qualified social worker and trainer
    • Human rights video discussion

      Social worker Leon Taylor discusses the impact of the Human Rights Act on social work
    • Developments in Welsh social care

      Updates to the law relevant to social work students and professionals practising in Wales

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    • Lecture outlines

      PowerPoint slides for each chapter, which can be downloaded and adapted for your own use
    • Lecture notes

      Each lecture outline is accompanied by a short discussion on issues which you might like to take into account in teaching this area of law
    • Test bank

      A fully-customizable resource containing ready-made questions with which to test your students