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Barnard: The Substantive Law of the EU 4e

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  • Student resources

    • Interactive map of Europe

      Provides a useful summary of each country’s involvement in the EU, plus essential facts and figures about each member state

    • Timeline of the EU

      Traces the development of the EU through a series of key dates and events – an ideal introduction to the subject

    • Video footage

      Video footage and discussion of key topics including the history and institutions of the EU and the European Court of Human Rights

    • EU News

      Up-to-date news sites covering the latest developments from the EU and its members plus discussion pieces on current debates affecting the EU

    • Web links

      Links to useful websites and further reference sources, organized by topic

    • Table of equivalences

      A guide to Treaty article re-numbering post-Lisbon

    • Additional chapter

      A supplementary chapter covering intellectual property and the free movement of goods

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    • Figures

      Download figures from the textbook to use in your lectures