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Burrows et al: Chemistry

These resources accompany the 1st edition of the book. The resources for the new 2nd edition can be found here.

  • Student resources

    • Revised index

      Improved index now available in PDF format
    • Rotatable 3D structures

      The numbered molecular structures from the book are available as three-dimensional models, which you can rotate and view in different ways to help you comprehend their shapes
    • Interactive activities

      3 interactive learning activities to help you develop and test your understanding of relating atomic spectra and energy levels, atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals, and acid and base titrations
    • Drag and drop activities

      70 drag and drop activities to test your knowledge and develop your understanding of Sections 9.4-9.8, Section 10.3 and Section 10.4
    • Learning outcomes, summaries, and key equations

      Download the learning outcomes and summaries for each chapter of the book
    • Student's solutions manual

      Fully worked answers to half the questions that appear at the end of worked examples, boxes, and at the end of each chapter
  • Lecturer resources

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    • Artwork

      Figures, tables, structures, and annotated equations from the book in electronic format to download
    • Lecturer's solutions manual

      Fully worked examples to the questions at the end of worked examples, boxes and at the end of each chapter
    • Test bank

      An electronic bank of questions to test your students