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Sawyer: The UK Economy 16e

Chapter 05

Public Expenditure

The web site of HM Treasury (www.hm-treasury.gov.uk) provides much information of the structure and level of public expenditure, particularly in the documentation available there on the annual budget and in the pre-budget report. Details of the comprehensive spending review are also available on this site.

Web sites of government departments provide much more information on the details of public expenditure programmes. These include:

Department of Health: www.doh.gov.uk

Department for Education and Employment: www.dfee.gov.uk

Department of Social Security: www.dwp.gov.uk

For public expenditure is Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively, see:

Scottish Executive: www.scotland.gov.uk

National Assembly for Wales: www.wales.gov.uk

Department of Education for Northern Ireland: www.deni.gov.uk