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Renshaw: Maths for Economics 3e

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  • Student resources

    • Chapter road map

      A flow chart designed to help you design a path through the book that matches your module requirements and starting point of mathematical knowledge.
    • 'Ask the Author' Forum

      If you are struggling with a particular problem then you can submit your question to the author and his answer will be posted here
    • Additional chapter W21

      An additional chapter on extensions and future directions
    • Using Excel®

      An introduction to the use of Excel® software including demonstrations of how this program can assist in the use of maths for economics
    • Using Maple

      An introduction to the use of Maple software including demonstrations of how this program can assist in the use of maths for economics
    • Supplementary answers to progress exercises

      Expanded answers to some of the progress exercises from the book
    • Additional appendices

      Appendices to accompany chapters 11, 13, 17, & 18
    • Further exercises

      A suite of further exercises for each chapter of the text to assist with independent self-study
    • Answers to Further Exercises

      Check your answers to the further exercises on this site
    • Answers to progress exercises from 2e

      Answers for the 2nd edition of the book
    • Errata

      Corrections to the answers to progress exercises in the published book
  • Lecturer resources

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    • VLE content

      Import all of the resources on this Online Resource Centre directly into your institution's VLE or LMS
    • Test exercises

      A suite of additional activities for use by instructors in assignments and examinations
    • Answers to Test Exercises

      Answers to the Test Exercises in this Online Resource Centre
    • Graphs from the text

      All graphs from the text in high resolution format for downloading into presentation software or for use in assignments and exam material