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Gillespie: Foundations of Economics 2e

Unit 08

EU's carbon trading scheme
For information on the scheme visit

For information on emissions trading

HM Revenue and Customs
HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for collecting the bulk of tax revenue, as well as paying Tax Credits and Child Benefits, and strengthening the UK's frontiers.

Office of Fair Trading
"The OFT is responsible for making markets work well for consumers. We do this by promoting and protecting consumer interests throughout the UK whilst ensuring that businesses are fair and competitive" This site has information on a range of issues such as consumer rights and competition legislation.

Road usage
One issue that highlights the problems that can exist without the market mechanism is road usage. At some times of day there is huge congestion. At other times the roads are nearly empty. A possible solution to this is road pricing whereby the price charged depends on where and when you drive. For the government's research on this, visit the Department of Transport's website