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Gillespie: Foundations of Economics 2e

Unit 06

eBay the online auction business provides a superb example of market forces in action. To find out more about eBay visit

House prices
For information on house prices in the UK and developments in the housing market visit
Why do you think house prices vary so much between regions of the UK?

To find out the price of any house bought recently in any part of the UK visit

London Stock Exchange
Share prices are driven by supply and demand. To find out more about the London Stock Exchange visit

Mexican tortilla prices
Shortages of corn in Mexico has led to an increase in the price of tortillas and marching in the streets. For more information visit

Share prices
For information on share prices and much more go to Yahoo Finance

For more on equilibrium and the effect of changes in demand visit our visual walkthrough on this topic.

For more on the importance of the price elasticity of supply and demand on the equilibrium price and output in a market visit our visual walkthrough on the elasticity of supply and demand.