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Gillespie: Foundations of Economics 2e

Unit 26


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Question 1

If people are made unemployed because of a fall in aggregate demand this is known as:

Question 2

Supply-side policies are most appropriate to cure:

Question 3

The natural rate of unemployment is likely to fall if:

Question 4

If the real wage is above the equilibrium level in the labour market:

Question 5

If there is cyclical unemployment in the economy the government might:

Question 6

Occupational immobility of labour occurs if:

Question 7

Which of the following is not a supply-side measure?

Question 8

Reducing involuntary unemployment:

Question 9

Less demand in the economy may increase unemployment; this may lead to less spending which may reduce demand further. This process is called:

Question 10

To reduce cyclical unemployment the government might: