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Wetherly and Otter: The Business Environment 2e


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  • Student resources

    • Author audio podcasts

      These summarize each chapter and can be downloaded onto iPods and other portable devices for use before studying a topic; during revision; or for tutors to play at the start of a class
    • Guide to further reading and learning resources

      A list of recommended books and journal articles organized by chapter
    • Flashcard glossaries

      Designed to help you memorize the key terms used in the book; can be downloaded onto iPods and other portable devices
    • Multiple choice questions

      Available for each chapter supported by instant feedback and page references to the text
    • Oxford NewsNow

      The latest news relevant to the business environment from a variety of publications, brought direct to this Online Resource Centre, and always up to date
    • Learning Objectives

      Each chapter opens with a bulleted outline of the main concepts and ideas, which serve as helpful signposts to what you can expect to learn from each chapter
    • Web exercises

      Designed to help further your knowledge and understanding of business environment topics in an interactive way
    • Web links

      Links to useful websites for improving your understanding of the topic
  • Lecturer resources

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