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Sitkin & Bowen: International Business 2e

Student resources

  • Self test questions

    Test yourself on each chapter of the textbook and receive immediate feedback

  • Critical skills activity

    Scenarios and activities for helping you to develop your critical thinking skills

  • Extension material

    An interactive guide containing additional material and cross references to the textbook, enabling you to increase your knowledge and understanding of international business

  • Glossary

    A comprehensive list of key words and definitions

  • Interactive world map

    Contains statistical country data, including imports and exports expenditure, population growth rate, CO2 emissions, and inflation rates

  • Multimedia library

    Access a wealth of material, including company video material, YouTube videos, and TED talks, all organized by chapter

  • Key references and further reading

    A list of useful key texts and websites for further reading

  • Revision tips

    Available for each chapter to support your revision