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Mankin: Human Resource Development

Web links to professional associations

There are many professional associations and academic groups that provide a wide range of useful information about human resource development. These include:

http://www.cipd.co.uk - the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
http://www.ahrd.org/ - the US Academy of HRD.
http://www.astd.org/ - the American Society for Training and Development.
http://www.ufhrd.co.uk/ - the UK University Forum for HRD.

http://www.hkihrm.org/ - the Hong Kong Institute of HRM.
http://www.cstd.ca/ - the Canadian Society for Training and Development.
http://www.nzatd.org.nz/ - the Association for Training and Development in New Zealand.
http://www.hrinz.org.nz - the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.
http://www.ipm.co.za - the Institute of People Management in South Africa.
http://www.fhrd.org/ - the Foundation for Human Resource Development in Malta.
http://www.ashrm.com/ - the Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (based in Saudi Arabia).
http://www.shri.org.sg/ - the website for the Singapore Human Resources Institute.
http://www.pmap.org.ph/ - the website for the Personnel Management Association in the Philippines.
http://www.academyofhrd.org/ - the Academy of Human Resource Development in India.
http://www.ahri.com.au - the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Other useful websites include:

http://www.iftdo.org - the International Federation of Training and Development Organisation.
http://www.wfpma.com/ - the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations.
http://www.ipma-hr.org/ - the International Personnel Management Association which is a non-profit organisation representing public sector practitioners.
http://www.humancapitalinstitute.org/ - the Human Capital Institute and provides information on India, China, Russia, South Africa, the UK and US.

http://www.ihrim.org/ - the International Association for Human Resource Information Management.
http://www.eurofound.europa.eu/eiro - the European Industrial Relations Observatory on-line.
http://www.workplace.ca/ - the Canadian Institute of Professional Management.