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Insights into practice

Insights into practice provide topical examples of HRD practice drawn from a wide range of sources. Access the links below to view various relating books, articles, and websites:

A selection of examples:

Skills needed today

The results of various surveys indicate that employers want an education system that provides young adults with basic numeracy, literacy and communication skills. In turn, organisations will provide training in appropriate workplace skills. However, the CIPD want employers to implement policies that ensure management practices encourage the application of these skills and motivate employees accordingly.

Source: Sloman, M. (2008) ‘Supporting, accelerating and directing learning’, Impact, Issue 25, pp. 6-9.

The impact of technology on training

In the UK the take-up of e-learning has been incremental and is calculated to account for only 12 per cent of training interventions in those organisations using it.

Source: Sloman, M. and Martin, G. (2008) ‘Social climbers’, People Management, 13th November, pp.32-34.

Leadership in the automotive sector

Ownership of Jaguar Land Rover changed from Ford to Tata Motors in June 2008 for $2.3 billion. The parent company has adopted a relatively hands-off approach that has allowed the senior management of Jaguar Land Rover to develop employee engagement policies that have seen employee satisfaction rise from 48 per cent to 73 per cent. This is a very different approach to the one adopted by Ford.

Source: Smedley, T. (2008) ‘Back in the driving seat’, People Management, 27th November, pp. 18-23.

Other articles to access in the CIPD’s People Management:

Jansen, K. and Bryant, B. (2008) ‘Stretch target’, People Management, 21st August, pp. 28-31. This article discusses one organisation’s approach to managing culturally diverse teams in an increasingly globalised environment. The organisation is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which employs 1,600 staff made up of 140 nationalities in 74 countries.

Pickard, J. (2008) ‘Good vibrations’, People Management, 4th September, pp. 28-30. This article discusses the concept of ‘resonant leadership’, a new approach to leadership being advocated by the US academics Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee and Francis Johnston.