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Mankin: Human Resource Development

Outlines for the end of chapter self-assessment questions

Access the links below to view and download the PDF documents containing answer guidance for all the end of chapter review questions in the book.

Chapter 01
The Context of Human Resource Development
Chapter 02
Global Perspectives on Human Resource Development
Chapter 03
Developing an HRD Strategy
Chapter 04
The Role and Theory of Learning
Chapter 05
A Systematic Approach to HRD
Chapter 06
Identifying HRD Needs
Chapter 07
Designing Learning and Development Interventions
Chapter 08
Delivery of Learning and Development Interventions
Chapter 09
The Evaluation of Learning and Development Interventions
Chapter 10
Managing or Nurturing Knowledge
Chapter 11
Integrating Learning with Work
Chapter 12
HRD in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Chapter 13
Managing the HRD Function
Chapter 14
The Ethical Practitioner
Chapter 15
Continuing Professional Development and Reflective Practice