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King & Lawley: Organizational Behaviour

Chapter 17: Web links

MBA Oath (p548)

This project was born out of a group of Harvard MBA students’ response to the financial crisis of 2008. They aimed to encourage those who have done MBAs (who often progress on to be business leaders) to have higher ethical standards:

Milton Friedman (p552)

Friedman’s classic article is reproduced in full here:

The Gates Foundation (p553)

This is the official website of the Gates Foundation, a philanthropic foundation set up by the Microsoft founder and multi-billionaire Bill Gates. Read here about the charitable work that they do and the reasons they give for it:

CSR statements (p564)

One of the biggest companies in the world and highly influential in the IT market, with a very trendy image, this is Apple’s CSR statement:

However, they are accused by Professor Gregory Unruh of being reactive and not taking CSR as seriously as they should:

Innocent have in many ways marketed themselves as being an ethical and sustainable company:

However they have been accused of ‘greenwashing’ as this article in the Telegraph details:

High street coffee chain Starbucks have made CSR one of the core aspects of their public image:

However they have been accused of not paying corporation tax in the UK, by finding legal but possibly unethical ways of avoiding paying tax:

Walmart case (p568)

Details of how Walmart supports communities and its charitable giving activities:

This is the official film website:

Examples of ethical businesses (p570)

A clothing and fashion retailer that is committed to Fairtrade principals:

An innovative green building company which build houses and commercial buildings out of straw:

The Take (p573)

The official website of the film The Take:

Executive pay

These articles provide different perspectives on the issue of executive pay that have surrounded business leaders (such as Stephen Hester – see our interview with him). As you read them consider what the underlying assumptions of each perspective are:

This report is from the High Pay Commission and details an interesting criticism of the stated links between high pay and performance:

Arguments for and against CSR

The Edelman Trust Barometer is an annual survey detailing the level of trust that people have in institutions including NGOs, big business and governments. The level of trust (or at times lack of it) is an argument for the need for increased attention to CSR:

Business in the Community is a business-backed charity aiming to promote responsible business practice. Interesting to read through the claims they make of why this is important, including for the businesses themselves: