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King & Lawley: Organizational Behaviour

Chapter 14: Web links

There She Goes

From page 455.

The song mentioned on p455 can be heard at:

The lyrics can be viewed at:

Internet issues

See pages 471-476.

On page 476 it is suggested that there are a number of issues which were under debate at the time of writing the book. In particular, these concern control over the Internet. The following links examine some aspects of the ‘battle for control’ over the Internet.

The types of infrastructure through which the internet operates internationally are shown in this article:

Lawley’s (2006) model of internet control suggests that, at a basic level, access to hardware such as cables is a means of control over the internet. The following articles show how accidentally cutting one cable denied internet access to a whole country.

Whilst the example above was accidental, there are instances where regimes have tried to exert control over their population by restricting access to the internet, either through hardware or control of internet service providers:

In some cases, particular sites may exert control over themselves in response to different national laws and demands:

Whilst the previous articles might present the internet as being tightly controlled, in other cases it can be seen as bypassing traditional controls in society:

This ability to act in a ‘free-for-all’ manner is discussed in the following two articles in terms of individual anonymity on the internet:

The following is an archive of articles examining the control of and ‘battle for’ the internet – examining issues such as privacy, the amount of data held by corporations, copyright and intellectual property, and the freedom of speech on the internet: