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King & Lawley: Organizational Behaviour

Chapter 7: Web links

Company mission statements

Read through these mission statements. Do they inspire you and would you like to work for a company with these aims? Do you feel that they are providing a fair reflection on what they do? Look up other mission statements and see if you can find any that inspire you.

Do employees who act in ways against their organization’s values get punished or rewarded?

In this report from the CIPD, 40% of employees report that individuals whose behaviour consistently goes against the values of the organizations they work for are either left unpunished or are rewarded or promoted. This raises important questions about the values of mission statements:

Culture consultancies

Look at these cultural change consultancies. How do they argue that culture is an important part of a manager’s toolkit? How do they say they can bring about results? What sort of impact do they claim they can produce? Do they list any specific techniques or approaches? What do you feel about the claims they are making?

Online culture assessment tools

Go to one of these websites and try out the cultural assessment tool of an organization you know well. What do you think of the result? Has it really captured the nature of that organization? What does it tell you about the organization? What does it not reveal of the organization’s culture?