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King & Lawley: Organizational Behaviour

Chapter 4: Web links

Modern car factories (p97)

On page 97, it was suggested that modern car factories are very different to the dirty conditions of the past. The following links show examples of modern day car factories of Volkswagen and Rolls-Royce in action.

Flat-pack rationalization (p108)

An example from IKEA’s own publicity about how flat-pack furniture increases efficiency can be found at:

E-buyer warehouse (p110)

See the efficient ‘production line’ method for distribution at the E-buyer warehouse, and how bar-codes are a part of the process at:

The Panopticon (p112)

You can read more about the original Panopticon. Bentham’s original description of the Panopticon can be found at:

Pictures of the original Panopticon design are at:

The chapter from Foucault’s (1977) Discipline and Punish, where he discusses the Panopticon as a model for keeping order and control, can be seen along with further images and diagrams at:

Meanwhile, a recent art exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary was based around surveillance and the Panopticon. Downloadable information, and a slideshow, can be found at: