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King & Lawley: Organizational Behaviour

Student resources

  • Multiple choice questions

    Test yourself on each chapter of the book and receive instant feedback

  • Extension material

    Additional explanation and analysis of key theories which go beyond what is covered in the textbook to help you to take your learning a step further

  • Videos

    Watch engaging interviews with business leaders, employees, and students about their experiences, provided with author commentary to explain the links to the topics in the book 

  • Web links

    A series of annotated web links, organized by chapter, for further reading on organizational behaviour  

  • Junction Hotel Organizational Chart

    View and download the organizational chart

  • Junction Hotel Culture report

    View and download the Changing Culture report

  • Authors' blog

    Stay up-to-date with fresh and newsworthy updates on relevant topics, thoroughly integrated with the textbook, with links to videos, and other multimedia online