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Iszatt-White & Saunders: Leadership

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  • Student resources

    • Online glossary

      Ensure you have a grasp of relevant leadership terminology with this searchable list of key terms in the book

    • Links to feeds from topical journals

      Follow these links to journal feeds and stay up-to-date with the latest research in Leadership

    • Web links

      Widen your reading with a selection of links to reliable and authoritative online content

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    • Integrative case studies

      Additional and extended case studies linking to content covered in the book

    • PowerPoint slides

      Customizable PowerPoint slides containing all of the figures from the book available to download for use in lectures and seminars

    • Suggestions for discussion points

      Suggestions and guidance for using the discussion points featured in the text in tutorials, group work, or essays

    • Video clips

      Support class discussion with a selection of links to video clips and accompanying teaching notes