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Henry: Understanding Strategic Management 2e

Key work

In each chapter of the textbook you will find a reference to Key Work on a particular topic which is covered in additional detail on this site. This extra level of depth goes beyond the textbook to give you a deeper understanding and broader knowledge of interesting aspects of Strategic Management.

Access the links below to view the key work features (provided in PDF format).

Chapter 01: What is Strategy?
1.3. Organizations whose values influence their decision making
1.6. Theory of the business and its impact on business strategy
1.6. Honda's domination of the US motorcycle industry

Chapter 02: The General Environment
2.2. Strategic decision making under conditions of uncertainty
2.3. Strategic inflection points and their impact on strategy

Chapter 03: The Competitive Environment
3.4. Complementors and their impact on competitive behaviour
3.5. Strategic groups
3.6. Hypercompetition and its impact on competitive behaviour

Chapter 04: The Internal Environment: Value Creating Activities
4.1. Differential firm performance
4.3. Value chain activities with reference to organizations

Chapter 05: The Internal Environment: A Resource-Based View of Strategy
5.1. Intangible resources
5.1. Kay's distinctive capabilities

Chapter 06: Assessing Organizational Performance
6.3. Stakeholders in the John Lewis partnership
6.6. Benchmarking

Chapter 07: Business Level Strategy
7.3. Blue ocean strategies
7.5. Environmental turbulence and the choice of strategy

Chapter 08: Corporate Level Strategy
8.1. Merits and demerits of mergers and acquisitions
8.4. Buffet's approach to adding value

Chapter 09: International Strategy and Globalization
9.1. Benefits and disadvantages of globalization
9.4. Multidomestic strategies
9.5. Entry mode strategies

Chapter 10: Organizational Systems and Strategic Change
10.3. Strategic control systems
10.4. Role of BHAGs in stimulating change
10.4. Benefits of understanding organizational culture when implementing strategic change

Chapter 11: Strategic Leadership
11.4. Narcissistic leaders and their importance
11.5. Impact of culture on organizations
11.6. Difficulties faced when implementing strategic change

Chapter 12: Corporate Governance
12.4. Importance of corporate social responsibility
12.5. Controversy surrounding executive remuneration
12.6. Financial crisis and solutions