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Henry: Understanding Strategic Management 2e


  • Student resources

    • Internet exercises

      Linked to each chapter, these web exercises link you to real company and news websites
    • Flashcard glossary

      Helps you to memorize the key terms in the book; can be downloaded on to iPods and other portable devices
    • Abstracts of journal articles

      Provides a brief overview, giving you a shortcut to picking those most relevant to your study
    • Key work

      Goes beyond the textbook to give you a deeper understanding and broader knowledge of interesting aspects of Strategic Management
    • Multiple choice questions

      Test yourself on each chapter of the textbook and receive instant feedback on your answers
    • Oxford NewsNow

      The latest news relevant to strategic management from a variety of publications, brought direct to this Online Resource Centre, and always up to date
    • Learning objectives

      Each chapter opens with a bulleted outline of the main concepts and ideas, which serve as helpful signposts to what you can expect to learn from each chapter
    • Recommended reading

      Additional references to help you study around the subject
    • Resource box

      An annotated list of resources, web links, books, journals, and films which students will find useful for further study
    • Tools and techniques

      Additional coverage of quantitative or analytical tools and techniques to help you gain a deeper understanding of topics
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