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Haberberg and Rieple: Strategic Management

Chapter 01


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Question 1

To find out what an organization's strategy is, you should:

Question 2

Which of the following statements is not true when describing a successful strategy?

Question 3

In the context of strategic management resources can be defined as:

Question 4

In the context of strategic management, stakeholders can be defined as:

Question 5

In the case where an organization acquires its supplier, this is an example of:

Question 6

When a firm seeks the benefits of global integration and local adaptation, it is best described as which type of strategy?

Question 7

Knowledge which is difficult to define and codify is known as:

Question 8

Competitive advantage based on the creation of opportunities using internal resources is characterized by which approach/view?

Question 9

'Reputation' in the context of an organization's resources can provide competitive advantage because:

Question 10

A strategic manager that seeks to reach acceptable profit targets as opposed to making as much profit as possible is making decisions of which type?