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Davis & Pecar: Quantitative Methods for Decision Making using Excel

Revision tips

Take a look at the general revision tips below and then click the chapter links to see tips on what to revise for each individual chapter.

General Tips

  1. Be patient and work slowly and methodically, especially in the early stages when progress may be slow.
  2. Do not omit or 'jump around' between chapters; each chapter builds upon knowledge and skills previously gained. You may also find that the Excel applications that you develop require earlier ones in order to work.
  3. Try not to compare your progress with others too much. Fastest is not always best!
  4. Don't try to achieve too much in one session. Time for rest and reflection is important.
  5. Mistakes are part of learning. Do not worry about them. The more you repeat something, the fewer mistakes you will make.
  6. Make time to complete the exercises, especially if you are learning on your own. They are your best guide to your progress.
  7. The Visual Walkthroughs have been developed to explore using Excel to solve a particular statistical problem. If you are not sure about the Excel solution then use these videos as a reminder.