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Davis & Pecar: Quantitative Methods for Decision Making using Excel

Data from examples in the book

Excel 2007 files containing all of the data from the examples in the book have been provided to enable self-study and revision of the techniques shown.

Click the chapter links below to open the workbooks in Excel. Please note that each set of example data is provided on individual worksheets within the workbook.

Chapter 1
Refresher course in key numerical skills (XLSX)
Chapter 2
Descriptive statistics and basic survey processing (XLSX)
Chapter 3
Fundamentals of statistical decision making (XLSX)
Chapter 4
Prediction and forecasting (XLSX)
Chapter 5
Optimization (XLSX)
Chapter 6
Inventory and stock control (XLSX)
Chapter 7
Statistical quality control (XLSX)
Chapter 8
Project planning and control (XLSX)
Chapter 9
Decision making in business (XLSX)
Chapter 10
Decision making in finance (XLSX)
Chapter 11
Monte Carlo simulation using Excel (XLSX)