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Bryman & Bell: Business Research Methods 3e

Interviews with students

Angharad Jones Chris Phillips
Karen Moore Lisa Mellors
Lucie Banham Nirwanthi de Vaz
Tom Easterling Tore Opsahl

Six undergraduate and two postgraduate students have provided valuable input that has informed our writing of the Student experience feature of Business Research Methods. We are extremely grateful to them for being willing to share their experiences. OUP would also like to express their gratitude to Emma Bell for conducting and filming the interviews with these students.

Video clips showing the students talking about their research projects are provided on this site. These clips are linked in to the ‘student experience’ boxes throughout the text.

All video material © Oxford University Press.

Click on the 'student experiences' link below to select an individual student and hear them talking about selected stages of doing their research project. Alternatively, click on one of the 'themed' links to hear various students talking about how they found this particular aspect of their project.