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Blundel and Lockett: Exploring Entrepreneurship: Practices and Perspectives

Pre-reading guide

This textbook assumes some basic prior knowledge of business and management subjects. For example, Chapter 5 concentrates on the distinctive challenges of entrepreneurial marketing, rather than acting as a general introduction to the subject of marketing. The following preparatory reading material is for those who do not have a background in one or more of the core functional areas of management (i.e. managing people, marketing, operations and information systems, accounting and finance) that are covered in Chapters 4 to 8.

Access the chapter links below to view the reading material. You can also access a PDF version of the reading material: pre-reading_guide.pdf.

  • Chapter 04

    People: leading teams and networks

  • Chapter 05

    Markets: understanding customers and competitors

  • Chapter 06

    Processes: controlling operations and technologies

  • Chapter 07

    Accounts: interpreting financial performance

  • Chapter 08

    Finances: raising capital for new ventures