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Blundel and Lockett: Exploring Entrepreneurship: Practices and Perspectives

Self-test questions

Help test your understanding and aid your revision. These self-marking questions include instant feedback on your answers and cross-references back to the textbook to assist with your independent study. Access the chapter links below to view the questions.

Chapter 01
Introduction: the many faces of entrepreneurship
Chapter 02
Visions: creating new ventures
Chapter 03
Opportunities: nurturing creativity and innovation
Chapter 04
People: leading teams and networks
Chapter 05
Markets: understanding customers and competitors
Chapter 06
Processes: controlling operations and technologies
Chapter 07
Accounts: interpreting financial performance
Chapter 08
Finances: raising capital for new ventures
Chapter 09
Reflections: learning from entrepreneurs
Chapter 10
Perspectives on entrepreneurship: an overview
Chapter 11
Economic perspectives: influences and impacts
Chapter 12
Individual perspectives: beyond the 'heroic' entrepreneur
Chapter 13
Social perspectives: understanding people and places
Chapter 14
Historical perspectives: the 'long view'
Chapter 15
Political perspectives: from policy to practice