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Baines, Fill, & Page: Essentials of Marketing

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    • Multiple choice questions

      Test yourself on each chapter of the textbook and receive instant feedback
    • Author audio podcasts

      Short author podcasts summarizing the key learning objectives for each chapter
    • Discussion questions

      Have a go at answering the online discussion questions to help you develop skills in analysis and debate
    • Flashcard glossaries

      Helps you to memorize the key terms used in the book; can be downloaded on to iPods and other portable devices
    • Internet activities

      Improve your knowledge and understanding of the topic with these exercises
    • Library of video links

      For each chapter there are links to videos about marketing to demonstrate examples of marketing practice
    • Research insights (seminal paper links)

      A list of recommended articles for further reading
    • Marketing and your career

      Listen to students and graduates talk about the skills they've developed at university, and also hear from graduate employment and recruitment specialists about the skills and attributes you’ll need to succeed in your job applications and future career
    • Web links

      A set of useful sources of information about each topic
    • Worksheets

      Task focused worksheets for providing you with the opportunity to enhance your understanding of marketing frameworks and theories
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