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DeFranco, Locksley & Robertson: Immunity


All the artwork from the book is available here electronically divided by chapter.
  • Chapter 01

    Overview of the Immune Response

  • Chapter 02

    Signaling and Adhesive Molecules of the Immune System

  • Chapter 03

    Innate Immunity

  • Chapter 04

    Adaptive Immunity and the Detection of Infection by T Lymphocytes

  • Chapter 05

    Activation and Effector Actions of T Cells

  • Chapter 06

    B Cells and Humoral Immunity

  • Chapter 07

    Development of Lymphocytes and Selection of the Receptor Repertoire

  • Chapter 08

    Specialized Lymphocytes in Early Responses and Homeostasis

  • Chapter 09

    The Immune Response to Bacterial Infection

  • Chapter 10

    The Immune Response to Viral Infection

  • Chapter 11

    The Immune Response to Fungal and Parasitic Infection

  • Chapter 12

    Tolerance and Autoimmunity

  • Chapter 13

    Allergy and Hypersensitivity

  • Chapter 14

    Transplantation Immunology, Tumor Immunity and Vaccination