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Holmes, Moody & Dine: Research Methods for the Biosciences 2e

Welcome to the additional material that supports the second edition of Research Methods for the Biosciences. The material is organized into a number of sections and grouped for students and for lecturers below.

Many of the exercises and questions in both the lecturer and student area use ideas from our own students' studies and we would like to acknowledge the hard work of Bruce Bostock, Caroline Brevitt, Ian Childs, Lyndsey Collins, Ellen Compton, Adrian Culling, Cecilia Dean, Catherine Duchak, Simon Handley, Natalie Link, Sean Macauley, Simerjeet Matharu, Kestutis Rasimavicius and Susan Watt. In addition we would like to thank Anna Walker for her contribution to the development of the risk assessment form.

We welcome your comments on this online material. If we have not covered everything you would find helpful please do let us know and send us your feedback.
Debbie Holmes, Pete Moody & Diana Dine

  • Student resources

    • Calculations: full details

      Full details of calculations given in the boxes in the book: all steps are shown, so you can see exactly how the authors reached the answers shown in the book
    • Statistical software walk-throughs

      Walk-through explanations of how to use SPSS ®, Excel ®, and Minitab ® to carry out the calculations in the book
      We would like to thank Minitab for providing us with their software (version 14 for Windows). We have also used Excel 2000 and SPSS 14.0 for Windows.
    • Additional statistical tests

      Extra statistical tests not included in the book
    • Risk assessment form

      Sample risk assessment form with notes - see Chapter 4.2
    • Decision web

      An electronic version of the decision web from the book (see Chapter 2: Planning your experiment), which you can use when planning your research
    • Integrative exercises based on undergraduate work

      a number of examples for you to work through as interactive exercises to test your understanding of the topics in the book
    • Errata

      Corrections to the printed book
  • Lecturer resources

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    • Figures

      Electronic versions of the figures from the book, available to download and use in your teaching
    • Questions

      A range of questions, based on five research investigations designed and carried out by undergraduates in their honours project, that may be used either to check your students' understanding of a topic or in assessment