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Lesk: Introduction to Genomics 2e

Journal Club

Suggested papers and discussion questions linked to topics covered in the book are provided below. Solutions to the questions are also provided as separate documents. Journal Clubs are currently available for four chapters from the book.

Chapter 02
Holt KE, Parkhill J, Mazzoni CJ, Roumagnac P, Weill FX, Goodhead I, Rance R, Baker S, Maskell DJ, Wain J, Dolecek C, Achtman, M, Dougan G., 2008. High-throughput sequencing provides insights into genome variation and evolution in Salmonella Typhi. Nature Genetics, 40, 987-993.
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Chapter 06
Kinross, J.M., Darzi, A.W., Nicholson, J.K., 2011. Gut microbiome-host interactions in health and disease. Genome Med. 3, 14.
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Chapter 07
M. Nikaidoa, T. Sasakia, J.J. Emerson, M. Aibaraa, S.I. Mzighania, Y.L. Budebac, B.P. Ngatungac, M. Iwatad, Y. Abed, W.-H. Lie & N. Okada, 2011. Genetically distinct coelacanth population off the northern Tanzanian coast. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 18009-18013.
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Chapter 11
E. Ferrada & A. Wagner, 2008. Protein robustness promotes evolutionary innovations on large evolutionary time-scales. Proc. Roy. Soc. B275, 1595-1602.
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