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Lesk: Introduction to Genomics 2e

Answers to end-of-chapter exercises

Click on the Chapter links below to check your answers to the end-of-chapter exercises. Alternatively you can download all of the answers in one PDF here

Chapter 01
Introduction to Genomics [PDF]
Chapter 02
Genomes are the Hub of Biology [PDF]
Chapter 03
Mapping, Sequencing, Annotation, and Databases [PDF]
Chapter 04
Comparative Genomics [PDF]
Chapter 05
Evolution and Genomic Change [PDF]
Chapter 06
Genomes of Prokaryotes [PDF]
Chapter 07
Genomes of Eukaryotes [PDF]
Chapter 08
Genomics and Human Biology [PDF]
Chapter 09
Microarrays and Transcriptomics [PDF]
Chapter 10
Proteomics [PDF]
Chapter 11
Systems Biology [PDF]