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Young: Medical Genetics

Extended Matching Questions

Extended matching questions consist of lettered options followed by a list of numbered problems/questions. For each numbered problem/question select the one lettered option that is most closely answers the question. You can use the lettered options once, more than once, or not at all.

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Chapter 01
Gene structure and function
Chapter 02
Chromosomes and cell division
Chapter 03
Common chromosome disorders
Chapter 04
Single-gene (Mendelian) inheritance
Chapter 05
Identifying genes for Mendelian diseases
Chapter 06
Polygenic inheritance and complex diseases
Chapter 07
Genes and populations
Chapter 08
Genes and haemoglobin
Chapter 09
Genes and development
Chapter 10
Genes and cancer
Chapter 11
Genes and biochemistry
Chapter 12
Genes and drugs and treatment
Chapter 13
Clinical skills and scenarios
Chapter 14
Applied clinical genetics