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Fundamentals of Biomedical Science Series

Shambayati: Cytopathology

Cytopathology is part of the Fundamentals of Biomedical Science series.

General resources for this series

The following student resources accompany the series:

Interactive digital microscope encouraging the exploration of tissue samples.

Video interviews with practising Biomedical Scientists working in a range of disciplines, to give you valuable insights into the reality of work in a Biomedical Science laboratory. See the:
Interview with a Consultant Clinical Cytologist.
Interview with a Biomedical Scientist.

Videos of key practical techniques to show you how certain key lab instruments are used as part of carrying out diagnostic work in the lab. See:
Processing a bloody sample.
Processing a urine sample
Processing a cytology sample

External Resources

The Virtual Analytical Laboratory, developed at De Montfort University, introduces you to a range of tools and techniques that are important in the biomedical laboratory. The site includes a range of open-access materials, including numerous videos.


Please note that this link is provided for information only. Oxford University Press accepts no responsibility for the content of this third party site or the content of ‘The Virtual Analytical Laboratory’.

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