Discounts for OUP composers, arrangers, editors, and contributors

We offer OUP composers a generous discount of 40% on 25 copies or fewer on any Music Department publication (excluding ABRSM products). If you have contributed or arranged a piece for one of our collections, we offer a discount of 25% on 25 copies or fewer of any Music Department publication. If you wish to purchase more than 25 copies the additional copies will be charged at full price.

You are also entitled to a discount on books published by other departments of OUP when purchasing for personal use or as gifts for friends and family — from dictionaries, companions, and Oxford World's Classics through to children's books, specialist titles, and online products. Author discounts may vary from department to department so please check before you place your order.

How to place your order

Please contact the Sales Administrator to place your order.

Contact individuals in the Music Department.

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