Academic & Trade Sales

UK Retail Sales Team

Chris Holmes - UK Key Accounts Manager
Martin Wilson - UK Field Trade Sales Manager
Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Midlands, South West England and Wales
Stephen Thomson - Area Sales Representative
Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland, Northern England
Clare Jeffries - Area Sales Representative
London, South and South East England, East Anglia

Key Accounts Sales Team

Simon Hedley - Account Manager
Amazon, Gardners
Oliver Willis - Account Manager
Blackwells, John Smith
Charlotte Lane - Account Manager
Library Suppliers, WHSmith
Richard Fry - Account Manager
Waterstones, Bertrams
Emily Butterell - Account Manager
UK Higher Education (BPP, College of Law, ULIP, CILEx and the Open University)

European Sales Team

Loig Ollivier - Area Sales Manager
France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland
Noelle Godding - Area Sales Manager
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway (Trade sales only)
Gina-Violetta Kunert - Senior Area Sales Manager
Europe (incl. Germany)
Jana Shoveova - Area Sales Manager
Eastern Europe, Austria, Greece, and Cyprus
Johannes Björkman - Area Sales Manager
Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland

International Sales Team

Alberto Barraclough - Regional Sales Manager
Middle East, Africa, Turkey
Moo-Seock Pyun - Regional Sales Manager
Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, VietnamVietnam
Nick Parker - Account Manager
South American and Caribbean countries (excluding Brazil)
Beatriz Alves - Regional Sales Manager
Ray MacFadyen - Head of Export Sales
Greg Davies - Regional Sales Manager
Mexico, Colombia and Central America