Online Sales

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Simon White - Head of Library Sales
UK, Europe and Australia
Graham Grant - Head of Library Sales
Middle-East, Africa and Asia


Julita Madzio - Regional Sales Manager
Eastern Europe
Marcin Dembowski - Regional Sales Manager
Russia, CIS and the Baltics
Victoria Lopez - Regional Sales Manager
Southern Europe and Northern Africa
Kate Dennis - Regional Sales Executive
Italy, France, Israel, Greece, Malta and Cyprus
Kevin Cerboni - Sales Executive
France, Northern Africa
Ged Welford - Regional Sales Manager
National & Public Libraries and Schools, UK & Ireland
Sally Iannacci - Regional Sales Manager
UK South Academic Libraries
Francois Blouin-Clatot - Library Sales Executive
UK East Academic Libraries
Colin Pearson - Library Sales Executive
UK West Academic Libraries
Louise Osborne - Regional Sales Manager
UK & Ireland Corporate
Euan Gunn - Library Sales Support Administrator
UK Corporate/Not for Profit
Stuart Johnson - Police Sales Manager
Police sales in the UK
Jennifer Brothwell - Regional Sales Manager
Wolfgang Steinmetz - Regional Sales Manager
DACH Key Accounts
Georg Reimer - Regional Sales Manager
Tracy James - Regional Sales Executive

Asia Pacific

Miki Matoba - Director, Japan and Korea
Kazunori Oike - Regional Sales Manager
Won Jung - Regional Sales Manager
Wenbo Zhang - Regional Account Manager
North West, Henan Province & South West China
Mingzhu Li - Regional Account Manager
North China, Tianjin and Beijing
Daniel Shi - Regional Account Manager
Inner Mongolia, Hebei
Michael Zhou - Regional Account Manager
North China and Taiwan
Mike Zhang - Regional Account Manager
South China
Calvin Ren - Account Executive
Anhui, Jiangxi & Shanghai Corporate
Weiyuan Zhang - Account Manager
Guangdong & Hainan

Australia & NZ

Marika Whitfield - Regional Sales Manager
Australia and New Zealand
Tina Argyros - Regional Sales Executive
Schools, state libraries, public libraries, government, medical/law and non-for-profit in Australia
Anthony Teo - Regional Sales Manager

Africa, Middle East & South Asia

Bashar Adib - Regional Sales Manager
Middle East & Africa
Kaushik Ghosh - Regional Manager
South & South East Asia
Vinay Sood - Regional Account Manager
North West India and Pakistan
Joyanta Guha - Regional Account Manager
East & South India & Bangladesh
Ganeshan Hariharan Subramanian - Regional Account Executive
South India & Sri Lanka
Sameer Jangam - Regional Account Executive
West India
Sneha Putatunda - Regional Account Executive (Academic Subscription Products)
South East Asia


Mark Turner - Training Manager
Jonathan Wakeford - Trainer
UK, Western Europe
Marzena Giers-Fidler - Trainer
Chen Zhou - Trainer
Sumita Sen - Trainer
Diala Chouaib - Trainer
Middle East, Africa, Australia & NZ


Rachel Rains - Customer Service Executive
Academic CD-ROMs