Music Editorial

All general enquiries should be directed to Chris Corcoran, Editorial Administrative Assistant, using the contact details below.

Sheet Music Submissions

OUP Music no longer reviews unsolicited manuscripts from the UK or overseas. The manuscripts currently in our possession or received before 1 September will be reviewed and replied to in due course. We regret that submissions received after this date will go unanswered.

Music Book Submissions

Please note that proposals for academic and educational books on music (as opposed to sheet music) are encouraged. These are reviewed and commissioned from the New York branch of the University Press. Please send book proposals to:

Suzanne Ryan
Oxford University Press USA
198 Madison Avenue
New York
NY 10016

View submission guidelines and our policy on book proposals

Philip Croydon - Commissioning Editor
Robyn Elton - Senior Editor, Music [on leave]
Laura Jones - Assistant Editor
Sean Bui - Editorial Assistant
Chris Corcoran - Editorial Administrative Assistant